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Carolina Vendetta AKA Caz Latham was born in Blackpool on 4th January 1986. She had lived in Lancaster for most of her life, but is now based in Manchester.

Her first instrument was clarinet, but she never really found her musical feet until she started playing guitar at the age of eleven. Her first band Diverted Traffic was formed at the age of 14, and became her first experience of singing and songwriting. From there she went on to study popular music through to degree level, and was awarded a 2:1 BA Hons in Popular Music & Recording from Salford University in 2008.

She was in several bands through college and university, concentrating mainly on lead guitar, including Chicken & The Dippers, Crash Wonderland, and in university, The Spinning Jennys. In 2009, she joined The Reggie Mental Band on guitar - her first experience of a regularly gigging "professional" band.

Her collaboration with Lauren Denman in The Spinning Jennys, plus the new mindset she learnt with The Reggie Mental Band gave her the confidence and drive to co-form Mitford Rebel with Lauren, who went on to play up and down the country and release an EP and an album, with a second album still in production. Read more here: The future of the band is uncertain.

She was a fleeting member in the now disbanded The Loaded Dice, joining on guitar a few weeks before the end, and playing one gig with them before they decided to finish the band for unrelated reasons.

Carolina Vendetta was first formed as a band, mainly because Caz wanted the opportunity to sing lead vocals on her songs. The band name then became Caz's stage name, after a handful of gigs.

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